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Gregory Vanoy's passion for drawing started when he picked up his first crayon. According to a very reliable source (his mother!), he drew on every “canvas” he got his hands on. Magazines, coupons, even his family’s antique coffee table were all subject to his early works.  


At Disney, Gregory’s passion for drawing increased tenfold when he came across a group of caricature artists who were entertaining their guests. He noticed how amazing the art was and how much fun everyone was having. This experience, and many more like it as a kid, set the course for his future. 


After attending FASEN Arts (FA), where Gregory learned the art of caricaturing from some of the best in the business, he spent the next half decade at Universal Studios refining his craft and creating his own signature style of caricaturing, which we refer to as, hilarious yet accurate.


As co-founder and chief caricature artist at GREGATURES, Gregory leads the charge with our talented team of caricaturists. With a depth of experience in hand-drawn and digitally-drawn caricatures, his drawing approach sets the tone at GREGATURES. Gregory also vets new talent while grooming our up-and-coming artists.


When not drawing caricatures, Gregory enjoys playing guitar, crushing weights, and watching movies. He’s actually a huge film buff and probably knows more about movies than anyone—except Tarantino, he probably knows a little more.


At GREGATURES, our mission is to create unforgettable caricatures for every occasion imaginable, ensuring everyone has a blast—even party poopers (and sour pusses, too).


Mission Statement

Gregory Vanoy

Co-Founder/ Chief Caricature Artist (CCA)


Who We Are

GREGATURES is a passionate and talented team of professional caricature artists with extensive theme-park training and in-the-field experience. Our expertise spans the full-spectrum of caricaturing, from traditional hand-drawn to digitally-drawn caricatures using cutting-edge technology—impressing everyone.    


Customer Promise

We guarantee AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE—that's warm, friendly and unmatched!

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